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We realize you must have lots of COVID-19 questions regarding your pregnancy and newborn care. This situation is evolving regionally by the hour. We have consulted with some experts in the maternal field and they feel that given how little information we have and that it is evolving hourly that giving a true list of questions and answers would be a disservice to you as patients. They agree that how your case is handled may truly be different from one hospital to the next in these trying times and we know especially in our group it’s hard, but we need to trust our providers are doing their very best to keep you and your babies safe from both antibodies and COVID-19 as best they know how right now. Your own specific doctor will have the most up to date information of how your state, hospital, and practice is being impacted to base your individual treatment off of.  Below we have included some links to resources you may find helpful, as well as a link to a pregnancy support group for during the pandemic which has been created by an OB/GYN and two other doctors, however it is in no way affiliated with Maternal Alloimmunization Support.  This is not a substitute for medical advice, please consult your medical care team. These resources below are being included for your convenience, but none are specifically endorsed or recommended as treatment by Maternal Alloimmunization Support and we accept no responsibility for outcomes of care. 


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Maternal Well-Being

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Babycenter and Society

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Guidance from The World Health Organization can be found here:


Guidelines from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists can be found here:

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